What's the worst car ever made? Let's find out...

....actually... Me, Zoltan Bathory, I don't have to. I already know. It was the pride of (then communist) East Germany. The first car I ever drove. It was the "Trabant" with its 2 stroke 500cc engine putting 18 horsepower to the pavement. (For reference a kids 125cc dirt bike puts down around the same.) So imagine a 4 seater car with that power struggling... literally huffing and puffing around on the highways of the eastern block, dumping enough smoke in the air that the Navajo's could read it cross Atlantic...  It was both amazing and absurd... you have to see this thing. 

On our last trip to Berlin with the POH Crew, we have found some - check this out :

Zoltan Bathory - The worst car ever -#POH