International Suicide Prevention Day - 9.10.16

Today is suicide prevention day...  We (Five Finger Death Punch) have dedicated various songs (and videos) to combat this serious issue in the past....   Life is the most precious phenomena in this vast (mostly dead) Universe. Throwing away something so precious, sounds insane to me, but I understand a lot of people find themselves in seemingly hopeless situations they can not see a way out of. To them, I must say - without the shadow of a doubt - there is always a way. It's not a guess, it's not pep talk ... I KNOW this with absolute conviction. 

You have to understand how existence and perception are linked together and what your greatest power; your free will and your freedom of thought really means.

Simply put, your perception, your thoughts are yours alone and you have the absolute power to control them. [While everyone's situation is unique and can not be generalized, the power to monitor and control your train of thought is true to all] 

When you can not change your circumstances, there is one thing you do have the power to change ... YOU! You can change the way you look at every situation, you can change your filters, you can change your aperture. Make an actual effort to control your, mind, monitor and DIRECT your thoughts, take responsibility for your perception and the filters you see the world through. 

So change your mind, Change yourself! Change into a version of you, who can in fact deal with whatever it is you are facing. Force yourself to find a perspective where from whatever happens is a win. It's a choice, this free choice is mankind’s true gift.  

In this process...  notice, that *YOU* can watch your own mind babble, run amok,  formulate thoughts and constantly talk to you...  then ask the question...  if you can watch your own mind...  then who are you...   *who* is in charge...  who the 'person' that's watching your own mind... For me it is ME - Zoltan Bathory who is in charge....

Outsmart life, outsmart your own mind! It's is so simple. Every Battle Is Winnable Unless you give up your power to choose. Choose to win, chose life. Exist.

Ps: If you see someone else struggles ... Reach out and remind them of their power...


While you are at it - do some good in the world. Support a charity, participate in food drives...  

Here are a few from the dozens of organizations we started, involved, with or support: 

** The Home Deployment Project:
This is a Las Vegas Based nonprofit organization I helped to jump start. Run by combat veterans, we are helping homeless veterans to get off the streets and reintegrate into society. Frequent food, and water drives. Connect through the website if you want to help. 

** Also founding member of the:  - helping Marine Special Operation (Marsoc) and USMC combat veterans to connect with each other, and reintegrate into the private sector. 

** Our current tours are supporting the Badge of Honor Memorial Foundation - helping the families of fallen police officers. Get involved :      * Support and respect the "Thin Blue Line' 

** Fight Cancer with :

** The make a wish foundation:



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Zoltan Bathory - Suicide Prevention Day -#POH