If I'm on fire, just keep filming ! My 1st Monster Truck Crash Cherry = Popped

Clearing up the age old social network dilemma ...if your friend is on fire... should you help or should you keep filming...

The crash is more of a roll and does not seem like a big deal... unless you imagine yourself falling off sideways form a 12" tall ladder that's moving 30 miles an hour... It can tickle your frontal lobe, and for a couple of days you might misspell words like "concussion" .  

During one of the bigger jumps I bent the 4 link bar on landing. In laymen's terms it's equal to "Oh Shit" .  Basically the next time you try to take a turn - it's like a Tyrannosaurus Rex  attempting a cartwheel on his stubby little front arms...  yes... unavoidably dyno-face to dirt... Gravity sucks, but my P.O.H. Meter is all in the green. It was a kick ass weekend. 

#POH #NotoriousPOH

Zoltan Bathory - Monster Truck Crash -#POH