Zoltan Bathory Media Gallery

Zoltan Bathory Media Gallery

Zoltan Bathory

Some time ago... I formed a rock band and named it Five Finger Death Punch (since all good band names were already taken)  Basically simplified the Five Point Exploding Heart Technique from the movie Kill Bill and Mixed it up with the legendary of Dim Mak of Kung Fu... the Death Punch... As an indie band, with our self financed, self produced 1st album we begun our seemingly impossible uphill journey and built the most loyal fan base on Earth. Every album (6 of them to date) went gold or platinum.  #SelfMade
The reoccurring lesson: Nothing is impossible... especially for fully functional pineal glands. 

I'm a Thrill Seeker, World Traveler, Musician, Producer, Martial Artist, Pilot, Captain, and most likely future Astronaut...  and anything else I can fit into my 24hrs. If we are lucky, we got maybe 80 Summers on Planet Earth...   so let's make them count. 

There is only one of you  (and as the saying goes, be yourself because everyone else is taken)   Your perception, your wins and losses, your pains and pleasures, your path is unique to you. Nobody can walk in your shoes, and you can't walk in anyone else's. Don't wish to trade places with others, don't wish to have somebody else's life. If you'd wake up as someone else, the person you are now would cease to exist. With that, all your thoughts, your dreams, your struggles would be gone...   and a win means nothing without the contrast of the struggle that preceded it. A lot of people want fame and money because they think it would lead to happiness. No matter how rich you are if you are miserable, and no matter how poor you are if you are happy. So don't pursue money or fame, pursue happiness. Money and Fame often happens as a side effect, but  the only sensible goal is Happiness. 

I document my #POH  because it's fun for me, and I can look back at the milestones I have passed, the goals I have accomplished and most importantly the fun I had.  I came to America with bag of cloths and a guitar on my back. I didn't speak English, I didn't have help, but I believed in myself, and never for a second I thought that I could fail. Today I'm a lucky guy who managed to build my American Dream; though luck has not much to do with it.  As I dug myself out from a special kind of hellhole I learned a thing or two on the way so I’m hoping to contribute a useful set of tools or at least a different perspective when life throws you a curveball. If anything, I'd want to be an example for people, and give them hope. If an immigrant kid from a beaten down, under privileged,  tortured communist country can do it, you can do it too.  Of course you walk your own path, while I'm walking mine...   All we can do is to watch and learn from each other and apply that knowledge to our lives...