Zoltan Bathory & The Family Bazooka...

We had a photoshoot for another Gun Magazine at Straight 8 studios, then at a gun range, and then back at the P.O.H Compound ... Our videographer Pierre (a.k.a. Switzerland) haven't seen the crown jewel of my collection - the RPG7 - before - so it was pretty funny when they got finally acquainted.  (Yes it is an RPG 7 but family RPG didn't sound as good as "family bazooka") 

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Zoltan Bathory - The Familiy Bazooka -#POH

I popped my plane crash cherry

Every crash you walk away from is basically a landing... and the trick of being a successful pilot is keeping landing exactly as many times as you took off. 

This "crash" was more like a mechanical failure induced involuntary landing. The towing cable has broke during takeoff - so we just bounced back onto the tarmac. If it happened 5-10 seconds later, it could have been a hairy situation...  

Zoltan Bathory - Plane Crash -#POH

What's the worst car ever made? Let's find out...

....actually... Me, Zoltan Bathory, I don't have to. I already know. It was the pride of (then communist) East Germany. The first car I ever drove. It was the "Trabant" with its 2 stroke 500cc engine putting 18 horsepower to the pavement. (For reference a kids 125cc dirt bike puts down around the same.) So imagine a 4 seater car with that power struggling... literally huffing and puffing around on the highways of the eastern block, dumping enough smoke in the air that the Navajo's could read it cross Atlantic...  It was both amazing and absurd... you have to see this thing. 

On our last trip to Berlin with the POH Crew, we have found some - check this out :

Zoltan Bathory - The worst car ever -#POH

Episode Zero - The Birth of the ZLOG

So this is Episode Zero, the video that suppose to sum up what this Vlog is about & what to expect in the future. Tough job for a 4  minute flick, but if you are not familiar with what we do, it gives you a pretty good idea. Our life is about the #POH  - First and foremost, we have been listening to the fans (as you see we are actually doing it) so the Zlog is happening.

I started an actual OFFICIAL Vlog about my journey. I usually DO things instead of trying to document the things I do, so bear with me until I figure out how this is going to work.  I can't promise to upload a video every day,  my schedule is way too busy for that,  but I will do my best. I have a small team helping me now so we are hoping to make 2 maybe even 3 videos a week, and if we are ending up with one... well it's still a weekly Zlog.  

So.... The Zoltan Bathory - my personal P.O.H. (#POH)  My "Pursuit of Happiness" is fairly colorful - as you know - I travel the world with my band Five Finger Death Punch. It is a massive adventure on its own, but besides playing shows for you beautiful people, and navigating this band through the world. The remaining time I have left I tend to fill up with something interesting (to me) And interesting to me is all things  "High Speed - Low Drag" - so you will see me race (and occasionally crash) my Monster Truck. I'm a boater, I love the ocean so there will be some of that. I also fly planes and sometimes strap myself into fighter jets in attempt to induce a good old fashioned motion sickness driven projectile vomiting. Haha. No luck so far, I can take my G's but we WILL find my braking point, worry not.   

Speaking of breaking point... I'm competing in Jiu-Jitsu tournaments as well - so you might see me getting my ass kicked - which is good news for the handful of haters (love you guys), so I'd like to encourage them to subscribe to my channel as well. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your least favorite guitarist getting choked out, or possibly even being on fire in racing accident. (The gifts of life man) So hit subscribe if you don't want to miss that. 

Other than that,  I will show you cool places around the world form Japan to Africa. I love dispersing high velocity projectiles so we'll be shooting a lot, maybe (definitely) drive some tanks over various vehicles. We'll keep visiting veterans and army bases, shake some hands do some good.  I was involved in the invention and design of various crazy things, amongst them even a flying motorcycle (no joke) so that might pop up in this....   And the adrenalin-free  part of the day, I build and run companies which has its own wins and struggles, so we can include some of that as well... I personally love the chess game of business, but I don't know how interesting would that be in youtube videos. You tell me. In fact do tell me.

Leave a comment, tell me what you guys want to see more of (or less) ... or if YOU know of something, or have something you think I should put on my bucket list  - fire away - I might come and check it out.

Zoltan Bathory

Zoltan Bathory - The birth of the ZLOG -#POH

Roadtrip to California - a.k.a. - She is hungry... agaaaain....

Did you guys notice that about 80% of a relationship is basically "figuring out where to eat" 

We've hit the road to go to the Catalina Rendezvous  (It's like the Catalina Wine Mixer minus Will Ferrell singing the Por Ti Volare) 

During the trip we have learned Vegans look completely harmless and eco-friendly until they get really hungry... then all hell breaks loose... so you better FEED them ;)   

Zoltan Bathory - Roadtrip -#POH

We Stole the Trophy at the Salt Lake City Monster Truck Race... Literarily...

Lots of things going on in this vlog below....  "Chi-Chi" the assumably Australian (and hopefully not dissociative identity disorder induced) alter-ego of Heather Grace Gracie takes over the camera for the day...  Free Style World Champion - Monster Truck Legend Jimmy Creten explains the race-track turn by turn in the nobel attempt of saving my helmet cam's lens from scratches...  which usually occurs during a high velocity impact of a 14,000Lbs  giant truck slamming into the concrete wall head on...  I think Newtons first law of motion says: Inertia is a motherf#&ker... I might have misquoted that, but I'm pretty sure that's what he meant to say... Anyway, watch the race and see what happens...  a-hm... yep... that's right !  #POH MAybe.... Zoltan Bathory got the title....

Zoltan Bathory - Monster Truck Trophy -#POH

If I'm on fire, just keep filming ! My 1st Monster Truck Crash Cherry = Popped

Clearing up the age old social network dilemma ...if your friend is on fire... should you help or should you keep filming...

The crash is more of a roll and does not seem like a big deal... unless you imagine yourself falling off sideways form a 12" tall ladder that's moving 30 miles an hour... It can tickle your frontal lobe, and for a couple of days you might misspell words like "concussion" .  

During one of the bigger jumps I bent the 4 link bar on landing. In laymen's terms it's equal to "Oh Shit" .  Basically the next time you try to take a turn - it's like a Tyrannosaurus Rex  attempting a cartwheel on his stubby little front arms...  yes... unavoidably dyno-face to dirt... Gravity sucks, but my P.O.H. Meter is all in the green. It was a kick ass weekend. 

#POH #NotoriousPOH

Zoltan Bathory - Monster Truck Crash -#POH