Roadtrip to California - a.k.a. - She is hungry... agaaaain....

Did you guys notice that about 80% of a relationship is basically "figuring out where to eat" 

We've hit the road to go to the Catalina Rendezvous  (It's like the Catalina Wine Mixer minus Will Ferrell singing the Por Ti Volare) 

During the trip we have learned Vegans look completely harmless and eco-friendly until they get really hungry... then all hell breaks loose... so you better FEED them ;)   

Zoltan Bathory - Roadtrip -#POH

We Stole the Trophy at the Salt Lake City Monster Truck Race... Literarily...

Lots of things going on in this vlog below....  "Chi-Chi" the assumably Australian (and hopefully not dissociative identity disorder induced) alter-ego of Heather Grace Gracie takes over the camera for the day...  Free Style World Champion - Monster Truck Legend Jimmy Creten explains the race-track turn by turn in the nobel attempt of saving my helmet cam's lens from scratches...  which usually occurs during a high velocity impact of a 14,000Lbs  giant truck slamming into the concrete wall head on...  I think Newtons first law of motion says: Inertia is a motherf#&ker... I might have misquoted that, but I'm pretty sure that's what he meant to say... Anyway, watch the race and see what happens...  a-hm... yep... that's right !  #POH MAybe.... Zoltan Bathory got the title....

Zoltan Bathory - Monster Truck Trophy -#POH

If I'm on fire, just keep filming ! My 1st Monster Truck Crash Cherry = Popped

Clearing up the age old social network dilemma ...if your friend is on fire... should you help or should you keep filming...

The crash is more of a roll and does not seem like a big deal... unless you imagine yourself falling off sideways form a 12" tall ladder that's moving 30 miles an hour... It can tickle your frontal lobe, and for a couple of days you might misspell words like "concussion" .  

During one of the bigger jumps I bent the 4 link bar on landing. In laymen's terms it's equal to "Oh Shit" .  Basically the next time you try to take a turn - it's like a Tyrannosaurus Rex  attempting a cartwheel on his stubby little front arms...  yes... unavoidably dyno-face to dirt... Gravity sucks, but my P.O.H. Meter is all in the green. It was a kick ass weekend. 

#POH #NotoriousPOH

Zoltan Bathory - Monster Truck Crash -#POH